WOW! #NeverTrump Senator Just Did A Complete Reversal…Jumps On The Trump Train With BOTH FEET!

One of the most important developments since the end of the Republican primary has been the flood of support going to Donald Trump as the GOP has united to defeat of Hillary Clinton.

There are some Republicans that no one ever expected to get behind Trump and, facing the specter of Clinton, left many concerned that they would divide the party and put her in the White House.

However, even some of Trump’s most vocal critics have begun to see the light as his polls have continued to rise.

None the less, you have to wonder if there two Lindsay Grahams? Political junkies have probably wondered this more than once over the course of the Republican senator’s long career.

The South Carolina legislator is capable of sounding perfect sane, even smart, in a Monday morning news clip, but then exactly like, well, a far-left Democrat on Friday afternoon.

Last Saturday, Graham even hosted a private fundraising dinner for a “race-baiting, xenophobic, religious bigot.” At least, that’s what Graham once called presumptive GOP presidential nominee Donald Trump — and now he’s urging Republican donors to back the real estate tycoon’s race to the White House.

According to CNN:

“Graham urged GOP donors at a private fundraiser Saturday in Florida to unite behind Trump’s campaign and stressed the importance of keeping likely Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton from the White House.” (…)

“There hasn’t been any change in his position,” [Graham’s spokesman Kevin] Bishop told CNN. “He’s been pretty upfront and outspoken.” (…)

But even then, Graham declined to formally endorse Trump, though he reportedly did praise the presumptive GOP nominee for uniting the party.

This story is more proof that the #NeverTrump movement is faltering.

And because it involves Lindsay Graham, it’s also yet another convincing argument for term limits.


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