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#NeverTrump Went To The Rules Committee To Stop The Donald…Then THIS Happened! – BOOM!
By PJ Editor|July 15, 2016

For month a small but vocal contingent of Republicans have been conspiring to stop Donald Trump at any price, despite the fact that he gained more votes than any primary candidate in history.

#NeverTrump, as the conspiracy was called, first tried to get behind a single opponent. When that failed, they tried to find an independent to run against him in the general. When that failed, they tried to rally Republicans behind Libertarian presidential candidate Gary Johnson. That failed too.

So they found themselves with a final opportunity to stop Donald Trump and replace him with an establishment friendly candidate by manipulating the convention rules and unbinding all of the delegates from their commitments to respect the elections in their states in the hopes of finding enough delegates to deny Trump 1171 votes on the convention floor.

As reported in The Hill, now we know how that went…

The Republican convention rules committee Thursday voted overwhelmingly to reject a proposed amendment that would have allowed delegates to ignore the results of primaries and caucuses in their states and vote for the candidate of their choice. 

“Anti-Trump people get crushed at Rules Committee,” [Trump Campaign Chair Paul] Manafort tweeted Thursday after the vote. 

“It was never in doubt: Convention will honor will of people & nominate @realdonaldtrump.”

With that it is assured that Donald Trump will be the GOP nominee. #NeverTrump may make some noise at the convention, but they have no more means to stop Donald Trump and the movement to Make America Great Again!

Source: The Hill

PJ Editor
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