SHOCK POLL: New Numbers Upset The Status Quo…And They Have Trump SMILING!

After the Democrat Convention, the media pounded away at Trump with everything they had.  The overwhelmingly negative press coverage has leaked into the polls, with Real Clear Politics showing a sustained lead for Hillary Clinton, even though the real news on her health and scandals have been far worse.

It is clear that the left-wing lamestream media has been drumming up polls that support their desired outcome, which has happened to coincide with a bunch of polls that consist of registered voters.  Three months out, why anyone uses registered voters when likely voters has proved far more accurate time and time again, we will never know.

But a new poll has emerged from Zogby analytics, using registered voters, and their conclusion, not surprisingly, different than most of the pack.  Zogby reports:

In a new Zogby Analytics nationwide online poll conducted August 12-13, +/-2.8% MOE, we asked 1,277 likely voters who they would vote for if the election for President were being held today. Since our Last poll in early July, Clinton still maintains a small 2% lead over Trump. It seems the convention bumps are behind us and we are back to a close race!

Donald Trump continues to lead among his core groups, which are men, he leads Clinton 41% to 35%. He also leads Clinton among older likely voters such as 50-64 year olds (41%-36%), and those 65+ (44%-36%).

Here is the actual polling data:

If the election for President were being held today and the Democratic nominee for President is Hillary Clinton and the Republican nominee for President is Donald Trump; the Libertarian nominee is Gary Johnson and the Green party nominee is Jill Stein for whom would you vote?

Hillary Clinton 38%
Donald Trump 36%
Gary Johnson 8%
Jill Stein 5%
Not sure 13%

So Trump and Clinton are in a statistical tie in this national poll of likely voters.  The media has started claiming victory along with Hillary that their polling has depressed Trump’s Republican base.  These numbers show this is still a very close race with plenty of twists and turns to come.  So don’t tune out and don’t ignore the news. This is an intense horse race every vote counts, and the voter base with the most intensity is probably going to win with higher turnout.  So whatever you do, don’t let the media get you down – that’s their main goal, so let’s deny them of that victory and press on towards the finish line.  Polls like these remind us of the reality we need to press on to another day.

Source: Zogby

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