Another New Poll Confirms SHOCKING National Trend…Unprecedented COLLAPSE For 1 Candidate!

Our current political system is distorted. We all know that. Rich elite liberals have tried to bamboozle the American public into thinking they hold all the power. Their buddies in the media play the biggest part in this lie, by discrediting conservative leaders and voices and protecting the many corrupt democrats.

This has never been more true than in this election. Over the last year, we’ve seen the media try to destroy anyone who threatened Crooked Hillary’s rise to power. Despite being widely unliked by the American people–especially among women and minorities–the media want us to believe she is the candidate we deserve as president.

Only because Hillary thinks she deserves it.

Recent polls have showed some very odd numbers. While Donald Trump packs out rallies, and raises more money from regular supporters, Hillary Clinton is allegedly leading. This, despite the fact that she hides from the press and can barely fill a hall for events.

Perhaps the media are being very selective about how they gather polling information and how they present it. They control the information, after all. This could be another attempt at convincing the public that Hillary will win, regardless of how they feel or vote.

But the latest polls are telling another story. Despite questionable tactics on the part of the media, Donald Trump is gaining the upper hand.

From the New York Post:

Donald Trump has taken a one-point lead over Hillary Clinton in a Reuters-Ipsos poll.

It found Republican Trump winning the support of 40 percent of voters, with Democrat Clinton at 39 percent.

It’s an eight-point swing in Trump’s direction in the past week.

When the poll, with a margin of error of 3 percentage points, included third-party candidates, Libertarian Gary Johnson got 7 percent.

It’s a close election, make no mistake. Yet the massive amount of scandasl surrounded Hillary, coupled with her long-time poor reputation with Americans, it’s odd that she has any advantage at all. Perhaps the polls are rigged; perhaps not enough Americans understand the gravity of Hillary’s corruption.

But polls do not determine elections. Come November, we will have the final verdict. And I’m guessing more than a few in the media will be upset by what they’ll see.

Source: New York Post

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