BOOM – New Swing State Polls STUN Clinton…She NEVER Expected This!

As the race for president gets closer to the final lap, the candidates, Democrat Hillary Clinton and Republican Donald Trump are jockeying for position to see which will cross the wire first and become the new grand imperial POTUS.

All during the race, independent polls have had them running neck and neck, if you can believe it, since it has been said that princess Hillary has been faking rallies in a sound stage after canceling some of them due to poor turnout and her health issues.

Now a new FOX News poll has Donald Trump at the top slot in Nevada, North Carolina and Ohio, according to the polls taken Sunday through Tuesday.

In Nevada he’s over Clinton by 3 measly points as the FOX poll shows:

Trump has a three-point advantage over Clinton among likely voters in the Silver State (43-40 percent).  Libertarian Gary Johnson receives eight percent.  Nevada voters also can cast a ballot for “none of these,” and that option takes four percent. Green Party candidate Jill Stein is not on the ballot in Nevada.

In North Carolina, Trump is up by a slightly more substantial five points:

He receives 45 percent to Clinton’s 40 percent, and 6 percent favor Johnson.  Stein is not on the ballot.

And in Ohio we find Trump up by 5 points as well:

The Buckeye State is another must-win for Trump, and the poll finds him up by five points among likely voters: 42-37 percent. Johnson receives six percent and Stein gets two percent.  

If you wish to learn the full breakdown state by state, showing likely voters by political affiliation, race and gender, these links will get you there:

Nevada North Carolina Ohio

From what we’ve seen, it’s hard to imagine a race this close since Donald Trumps stadium rallies have been at near full capacity and Hillary Clinton has been hard put to fill up a high school gymnasium at hers. We can suspect that the News networks have been skewing the poll results just to stir up more viewers, which is good for their ratings. But we know who the truly popular candidate is and his initials are DT!

Who doesn’t know this, by now?

Well,  just a few die hard, Liberal, Clinton zombies who keep popping up like the veritable walking dead. Soon, we can put them out of their misery and get on with the business at hand. Making America great again!

Source: FOX News

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