Very Special Trump Group Just Had It’s First Meeting…And The Left Is FURIOUS!

One of the biggest attacks the left has made against Donald Trump is over race.

Because of his strong stance against illegal immigration from Mexico, they paint him as a Hispanic-hating racist.

They’ve tried to convince Americans that no Hispanic voter could possibly support a man like Trump.

Except, just the opposite is true. A new group has formed that is helping propel Trump even further. Formed by Hispanic American women, “Latinas for Trump,” are taking Miami by storm.

The group was founded by Denise Galvez, a former Marco Rubio supporter.

From Yes I Right:

“I’m not gonna sit it out,” Galvez recalled. “At a recent event, I was talking with other women about politics. We were almost ashamed to admit we were all leaning toward Trump. We were talking about establishment politicians taking us for granted and not putting this country first.”

Latinas for Trump co-founder Ileana Garcia said polls don’t take into account Latinos who are secretly supporting Trump. Garcia and Galvez said the recent, at times violent, backlash female Trump supporters have experienced is one of the reasons they formed Latinas for Trump. In March, Arizona business owner Betty Rivas told local news outlets she had been receiving harassing phone calls and Facebook comments after she appeared on stage with Trump holding a campaign sign supporting him.

 “People need to respect other people’s decisions,” Garcia explained. “We have a right to go out there, not be scared, and say who we support.”

The violent protests against Trump–started largely by wealthy white liberals–are not taking into account the fact that persecution never works. The more they fight to bully and intimidate Trump supporters, the more they will band together, just like Galvez and her ladies.

Despite how the media tries to paint Trump, these women prove that think Americans will alway see the truth.

By continuing to hold events, Latinas for Trump will help convince other professional women who share their conservative views on immigration, the economy, and foreign policy that it is okay to show support for their candidate, Galvez said.

“We all don’t think he is racist,” she said. “We actually think he is a respectable businessman. We actually agree with the things he proposes.”

It looks like common sense is prevailing, at least among some voters.

latinas for trump

Source: Yes I Right

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