POWERFUL: New Donald Trump Video Rocking Race…Proves He’s Ready To Make America Great Again!

Call it the “enthusiasm gap.” One big difference between Hillary Clinton’s supporters and those of Donald Trump is that Trump’s fans are so pumped up, they’ve been spontaneously creating t-shirts, memes and even videos touting their candidate.

One video making its way around the internet is almost 30 minutes long. It’s clearly a labor of love: a compilation of clips of Donald Trump going back to the 1980s. He’s seen being asked by Oprah and other media mavens about his presidential ambitions.

Trump insists in these early interviews that he has no desire to become Commander in Chief, but he isn’t shy about saying what he’d do if he ever did get into the Oval Office.

If this doesn’t convince you to vote Trump, nothing will.

And it’s our job to get this word out. Share this with your friends that are on the fence. Share this with someone you think might not vote for Trump. Hell, share this with all your friends who WANT to vote for Trump. Maybe they know someone on the fence. Fact it, this video is so powerful and so compelling that if we make this video go viral and get this word out, there will be no stopping Trump and he WILL be our next president.

Source: Yes I’m Right

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