WOW – New Voters Are Registering In Droves…Guess Who They Are Registering To Vote For!

The mainstream media and their partners in the Clinton campaign are bending over backwards to convince you that the race is over and that Hillary has an insurmountable lead.

Unfortunately for them, the facts keep getting in the way of the yarn that they are spinning!

Whether it is new polling showing Donald Trump gaining or the pathetic crowds showing up to hear her speak, the reality seems to be quite different than what we are being fed.

The latest example comes from none other than the New York Times. It must pain them terribly every time the news doesn’t fit their narrative and they have to admit reality.

Here is the bit that has Trump cheering…

Republicans have narrowed the Democrats’ lead in registered voters in several swing states, especially in North Carolina and Florida.

Some of that uptick in Florida came from Democrats who switched their registration to Republican, said Karen Giorno, campaign manager in Florida for Donald J. Trump. The state, which has a closed primary, required people who wanted to vote in the Republican primary in March to register as Republican.

I can imagine some sad lefty bi-line writer at the NYT crying onto his laptop as he wrote that. Kinda makes me smile.

Source: NY Times

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