BREAKING: This Major Newspaper Just Declared War on Trump, Assigns Army of 20 To Dig Up Dirt

As one of the largest newspapers in the country, the Washington Post has tremendous resources that can be used to do the bidding of their new owner, Jeff Bezos.

According to the Associate Editor of the Post, Bob Woodward, there have been 20 staffers assigned solely to digging up dirt on Donald Trump. They have also planned to write a book about the billionaire, no doubt in a negative light.

This comes as the support for Donald Trump as the next president has gradually increased. The gaps in the polls between him and the Hillary Clinton have become very close. People are now realizing that he has a legitimate chance of becoming the next President of the United States and they are trying to do all that they can in order to prevent this from happening.

This team at the Post is dedicated to digging up any dirt or discrepancies about Trump’s past that they can use to tarnish his name. While Hillary Clinton has been the brunt of a lot of negative media attention, she has not dealt with it as well as Trump has.

It is startling to think that he would order his team to conduct this sort of investigation into one of the leading people in the nation.

The prerogative of the Post is to continue churning out stories about all of the candidates in the race to become the next president. At this moment in time, this means that they are focusing on getting stories out about Donald Trump, Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders, the front-runners for the next election.

The owner of the newspaper Jeff Bezos wants there to be no doubt sin the minds of the readers of his newspaper of who they are going to be voting for in the November elections.

These are certainly going to be interesting times ahead, with Trump constantly gaining new support and looking like the presumptive nomination for the Republican Party.

The question remains whether Bezos, the Post, and the team of 20 staffers dedicated to digging up dirt on Trump can do anything to tarnish the billionaire in the eyes of the public.

Source: Washington Examiner

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