WHOA! When This NFL Hall Of Famer Got On The Trump Train, He Never Expected THIS!

Liberals are still complaining about “McCarthyism” and the “Hollywood blacklist” over fifty years later, but being hypocrites, they shamelessly run blacklists of their own, in the name of “political correctness.”

They love destroying careers through boycotts and smear campaigns.

Their latest target is one of America’s most famous athletes. He’s faced down opponents on the field, but now he’s being confronted with an even more intimidating “team.”

As Breitbart reports:

NFL Great Herschel Walker was one of the early Trump supporters out of the gate but now he says he is losing speaking gigs by anti-Trumpers who are blackballing him.

Walker, a running back for such teams as the Minnesota Vikings and the Dallas Cowboys, recently told gossip site TMZ he has had multiple speaking engagements canceled because hosts say they are worried he’ll attract anti-Trump protestors. (…)

Walker wouldn’t tell the gossip site what events nixed his speaking slots, but he said that event sponsors in California specifically noted he was axed because of his support for Trump.

Walker has known Trump since appearing on his Apprentice reality show in 2009, and tells everyone who asks that the candidate isn’t racist and is in fact “the best for the job” of president.

Certainly the protesters who disrupt almost every Trump event are to blame for creating this atmosphere of intimidation. However, shame has to be shared by those event organizers for bowing to pressure, real or imagined, from those same mobs.

Americans expect their charities and corporations to show more principle and backbone.

Source: Breitbart

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