NFL Just Got A Brutal Surprise – Player Sentenced To 40 Years In Prison For…

The NFL keeps getting bad news. The last two seasons have seen some terrible press.

Viewers are dropping the sport, thanks to the protests. Their leadership only makes it worse. Their bad decisions are driving people away. Players have behaved badly, tarnishing the league.

We learned another player had behaved very badly.

He stole up to $10 million from well-meaning people. Now he’s going to pay.

From NY Post:

A former University of Virginia and pro football player has been sentenced to 40 years for running a $10 million fraud scheme that victimized more than 50 investors.

Federal prosecutors say in a news release that 37-year-old Merrill Robertson Jr. of Chesterfield was sentenced Wednesday. He was convicted in August on 15 offenses, including mail and wire fraud and money laundering.

Prosecutors say Robertson and a co-conspirator operated Cavalier Union Investments in Richmond. Authorities say Robertson targeted former coaches, donors, alumni and employees of schools he had attended.

According to the documents, Robertson sold promissory notes that he claimed would pay an annual return of up to 20 percent.

Instead, prosecutors charged, Robertson used the invested money for cars, vacations and a luxury suite at a football stadium.

There have been a few notable figures recently indicted for similar charges. Several democratic lawmakers have been sent to jail for embezzling money. This football player scammed investors. Instead of making them money, he used it for himself.

It’s amazing to think people can get away with this. Don’t they realize the investors will be looking for results? I guess they aren’t thinking that far ahead.

As it turns out, fraud carries a heavy penalty. Forty years in jail is no small punishment. That’s plenty of time for Robertson to think about what he did.

Source: NY Post

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