Brexit Hero Nigel Farage Speaks! ‘If I Were An American, I Would Be Voting For…’

Many experts are comparing the amazing Brexit victory in Britain to the political climate in America.

British citizens, like Americans, were tired of politics as usual. They saw their nation suffering from the destructive polices of globalism and voted to restore their nations’ sovereignty and freedom.

While Hillary Clinton predicted Brexit would fail and Obama threatened the U.K. if it did, Donald Trump was a supporter from the beginning. He even happened to be in the U.K. the day it passed and was on hand to congratulate the British people for voting to protect their country.

Nigel Farage, leader of the UK Independence party and strong supporter of Brexit, recently made comparisons between the condition of his country and ours. He thoughtfully explained the damage the EU has done to Britain and exposed the stupidity and elitism of U.K. leaders.

From Breitbart:

“They were abusing me. twice, the president of the parliament had to cease proceedings,” Farage continued. “What I said to them, can we be grown up about this? Can we talk about trade deals? They all laughed and giggled. That’s when I said, the trouble of you people is, none of you have ever had a proper job, which wasn’t wrong…They called me all the names under the sun. I teased them that they are basically a bunch of bureaucrats that don’t have a proper job.”

It’s shockingly shameful that leaders responsible for governing a nation would be so childish. They didn’t give Farage even the chance to speak. Many of the leaders in Parliament are of from the upper classes; they inherit their wealth and power and care nothing for their citizens. Unlike our representatives, they have little reason to pass laws that benefit the majority of the nation.

On the panic in the finical markets after the Brexit vote, Farage said, “Sterling is marginally lower than February so can we stop this nonsense about the market. The pound has been in a bear market since July, 2014, fact. Now, American viewers, imagine if NAFTA was a political union. Imagine if a court in Mexico could overrule, and imagine if you had free movement of people with Mexico. How would you feel? You wouldn’t like it. What we are doing in the U.K., we are reasserting our Democratic rights and in terms of business and trade, we’ll go on trading.”

It’s an apt comparison. Many British citizens were tired of foreign entities decided their fate. How could any sovereign nation put up with that?

When asked about Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump He continued, “Donald Trump dares to talk about things other people want to brush under the carpet… I think for the United Kingdom, I think Trump will be better for us than Barack Obama has been, no doubt.”

He also went on to say he would never vote for Hillary Clinton, who he says “feels she has a divine right to have the job.”

It’s good to see some leaders in the U.K. who possess sense and intelligence.

Source: Breitbart

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