BOOM! Texas Mayor Just Took MAJOR Stand For America…Islamist Radicals Are PISSED! [WATCH]

For too many liberals, “multiculturalism” means nothing more than getting to choose from a variety of “exotic” restaurants in their neighborhood. What harm could it do?

Progressives treat people from different cultures like colorful fashion accessories who make their own lives more “diverse,” rather than seeing them as autonomous human beings who often don’t share those liberals’ values — and even want to destroy them.

Case in point: Some Muslims in Texas wanted to follow Islamic sharia law instead of U.S. law. Under sharia law, rape victims are stoned to death rather than the rapists, among other backward rules. Here’s what happened next, according to Conservative Tribune:

The group of Muslims who attempted to establish the first Islamic Sharia court inside the United States in the town of Irving, Texas just received a devastating blow thanks to the town’s mayor standing strong and not backing down.

Mayor Beth Van Duyne made a public Facebook post stating that she backs the new Texas law which prohibits any kind of foreign law from being practiced in the state of Texas.

After calls, threats and toddler-like demands to apologize from the Muslims who attempted to form the Sharia tribunal along with representatives from the Council on Islamic-American Relations, a known front for the Muslim Brotherhood, the mayor never once backed down.

There were a multitude of illegal activities taking place behind the attempted formation of the Sharia court, including the fact that all four of the “voluntary” Sharia lawyers were not licensed to practice law in Texas — that’s a third degree felony. (…)

Their response was in typical radical Islamic fashion. “We don’t care about the bill. It’s not going to affect us in any way, shape or form. The bottom line is the foundation of this bill is anti-Islamic,” Sheikh said.

During the city vote to support the Texas bill, which passed by a 5-4 vote, members from CAIR were present, attempting to intimidate the crowd by alleging that the bill was “anti-Islamic” and used words like “bigotry” and “Islamophobia.”

Notice how perilously close the vote was. That’s what makes this part of the story particularly interesting:

It should also be noted that one of the votes that opposed the bill was from a Muslim council member, who addressed his fellow Muslims in the room before casting his “no” vote in dramatic fashion.

So the question is: Are there more Muslims in America like that council member, or like the pro-sharia bullies and radicals?

Source: Yes I’m Right

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