North Korea Launches Ballistic Missile, Then Something ‘Terrible’ Happens…OOPS!

The latest skirmish in the Trump vs. Kim Jong Un saga has occurred, this time with North Korea attempting to posture its strength.

The dictator Kim Jong Un has been making many such attempts in recent months, forcing President Trump to counter attack with several preemptive signals.

Trump’s missile launch on Syria demonstrated our military’s superiority, while his deal with China caused sanctions to be imposed on North Korea.

These attempts by the president to dissuade North Korea from further provoking the United States have been met with indignation. This is unsurprising, given Kim Jong Un’s penchant for being dramatic.

Despite knowing he is outmatched by the U.S., Kim Jong Un continues with his ballistic missile testing. But it’s Un’s latest launch that has people talking about the likelihood of war with North Korea.

From The Daily Wire:

Kim Jong Un, who just last week paraded long-range ballistic missiles at a national festival and military display, ordered a missile to be fired, U.S. and South Korean officials say.

But seconds after the launch from Sinpo, a port city in eastern North Korea, the missile exploded. The failed launch came just days after another ballistic missile test in which the projectile fell into the Sea of Japan. The U.S. Pacific Command confirmed Sunday’s test.

It’s uncertain what the response from North Korea is on this epic failure. There is only one channel on television in the country, and it only airs state-run propaganda encouraging blind devotion to the Kim regime.

In Kim Jong Un’s universe, he is likely telling his brainwashed subjects that the nuclear test has gone off without a hitch, and that the death of America is imminent. The country has made similar such statements in the past.

China recently warned that increased tensions between the U.S., South Korea and North Korea will have historic consequences and that all parties must be prepared to “pay the corresponding price.”

If China would have put the rogue Kim dictators in check years ago, it wouldn’t be the responsibility of the U.S. to do so now.

It’s true that war should never be entered into lightly, but if Kim Jong Un continues in his refusal to play by the rules, he will be taken out of the game.

Source: The Daily Wire

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