Should Trump Make North Korea PAY For Its Nuclear Threats?

The conflict between North Korea and the United States has reached a fevered pitch after Kim Jong Un detonated a massive nuclear weapon underground this week, causing a powerful earthquake that could be felt in South Korea.

They are also claiming they can mount nuclear warheads on intercontinental missiles that can reach much of the United States.

Trump has warned them with “fire and fury,” and Secretary of State Mattis just warned them that any threat will be “met with a massive military response, a response both effective and overwhelming.”

At this point there are few options remaining: either Trump can continue talking tough while imposing additional financial sanctions on the struggling dictatorship, or he can act decisively.

He could pull the trigger and take out all of North Korea’s known nuclear facilities, as well as try to take out the madman who seems more than ready to nuke America or detonate an EMP that would devastate our power grid.

Vote in our national poll: Should Trump make North Korea pay for its nuclear threats? Then let us know how you think Trump should respond in the comments below!

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Source: Foreign Policy

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