BREAKING: Government Caught Red Handed Committing MASSIVE Fraud…Manipulating American People

The debate over climate change has been raging for decades.

Despite all the doom and gloom from environmentalists, the world seems to keep spinning the way it’s always been.

But that won’t stop these alarmists from pushing an agenda.

Recently news hit that NASA was tampering with data to support climate change.

Then we’ve learned NOAA was overestimating US warming by 50 percent.

Now news has come out that NSIDC is manipulating their charts and deleting old ones.

Call me crazy, but that sort of thing is the opposite of what real scientists do.

From Breitbart:

NSIDC – National Snow and Ice Data Center – is the US government agency which provides the official statistics on such matters as sea ice coverage in the Arctic.

NSIDC’s latest attempt to breathe new life into the corpse of the alarmist narrative comprised a press release a few weeks ago claiming that 5+ year old sea ice is at its smallest level on record. To prove it, they’ve produced a new chart… [T]o confuse matters, NSIDC have upended their chart so that 5+ year ice instead of being at the bottom is now at the top. Far worse, though, they’ve gone and deleted all the old style maps from their archive.

The new chart flips the data upside down, making it difficult to read properly.  Steven Goddard of Real Science, made a few more discoveries, namely older charts were deleted from their website.  This is crucial because how else are we to compare the progress of glacial decay, or discover whether this new chart is accurate?

But a sharp eyed reader of Goddard’s managed to find one old style map that NSIDC had forgotten to delete. This enabled Goddard to compare the new style map with an old style map for the same week. What he discovered is that NSIDC has been making some dramatic and unexplained adjustments to the record: about half the 5+ year sea ice which should be there, for example, has been mysteriously erased.

You may be wondering why organizations like NSIDC, NASA, and NOAA would be lying about climate change.

Why manipulate the data?  If it proves climate change isn’t as bad as we thought, or that the glaciers are in fact recovering, isn’t that a good thing?

Not if you support a left-wing agenda of expanding government.

Since the days of Al Gore, climate change has been a chip to force the governments of the world to pass stricter laws, regulating everything from factory emissions to what kind of weed killer you use on your lawn. It is one of the biggest lies they use to transform our world into a totalitarian regime.

Hopefully, if more people spread the word about NSIDC’s manipulative practices, we can blow a hole in this liberal scheme.

Source: Breitbart

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