[REVEALED] The 1 Number Will Make Trump The Nominee…Cruz Can’t Fight THIS!

The Republican primary has been hard fought and ugly.

For the first time in a generation, voters have gotten a close look at how the delegate process works and they didn’t necessarily like what they see!

But for all of the controversy, it appears that the democratic will of the people has won the day and Donald Trump will be the Republican nominee.

At this point it comes down to simple math.

When you figure in the officially unpledged delegates that have declared for Trump and the pledged delegates that he has earned so far, he currently stands at 997. He therefore needs 240 more to clinch the nomination before the convention.

We know from the polling that he will easily win both New Jersey and West Virginia. That gives him 85 more and brings his magic number down to 155 out of 360 delegates from the remaining 8 states.

In other words, Trump only has to win 43% of those delegates to secure the nomination, an almost mathematical certainty given his lead in California.

See the complete state-by-state chart HERE

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