BREAKING: The Numbers Are In For Hillary’s Speech…And Both Campaigns Are STUNNED!

The past two weeks have been quite a political rush, not just because of the conventions, but also with scandals, email leaks, resignations, and protests galore (well, at least for Democrats).

The mainstream media has done its very best to keep the American public from seeing what has really been going on at the Democrat Convention.  8-foot tall fences, thousands of protesters, booing during prayers and speeches, and the DNC strong-arming anyone who tried to derail their plans.  Trump recently praised the “New Media” for their honesty in covering the race fairly, filling in the huge sinkholes the MSM has missed.

All in all, the old media gave the DNC 4 times as much coverage as the RNC.  That’s pretty sickening, but not surprising.  With as much as they’ve helped Hillary, the following numbers must have come as quite the shock to them.  The Hollywood Reporter shares the details:

Updated returns for Clinton’s speech, delivered during the 10 o’clock hour on nearly all television networks, offer a tally of 33.7 million viewers from the four broadcast networks and three cablers with coverage. Trump brought in 34.9 million viewers across all nets carrying the speech.

Remember when Trump was able to rustle up extra coverage during the primary? The media loved him then, but no more.  They have turned on him, and if you have watched the commentary, it is clear they have it out for him.  And yet in the face of adversity, with the wind in his face, Trump has prevailed and his message has reached further than Hillary.

The finale keeps the Democrats 1.2 million viewers short of Trump’s audience last week as the 2016 conventions high. Outperforming 2012 and 2008 DNC showings from Barack Obama also did not happen for Clinton’s speech. Those convention finales reached respective formidable tallies of 35.7 million and 38 million viewers. 

So Hillary fell short in just about every way.  Sounds like a continuing storyline in this race.

Source: Hollywood Reporter

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