WHOA: The New York Times Has A BRUTAL Message For Hillary…Leaves Her SPEECHLESS!

The liberals are running scared. That’s a certainty. With Trump gaining in the polls, packing out stadiums, and defying every odd, the liberal elite are realizing their eight year strangle hold on our society is coming to a swift end.

They thought they could prop up Hillary Clinton. They were wrong. They thought they could lie, hide the facts, and spin every story to her benefit. But there’s just too much dirty laundry in Hillary’s past to be ignored.

Even democrats are seeing the corruption of their party, especially after learning they sabotaged Bernie Sanders. There is so much bad blood on the hands of Hillary, the liberal media machine is working overtime to fix the damage.

The one thing they think could lessen the pain is by closing the Clinton Foundation. This nefarious organization keeps rearing its ugly head, exposing the litany of sins committed by Bill and Hillary. It has been one of the biggest clues to the Clintons’ pattern of corruption.

So the only sensible thing to do is close it. But will that help at all?

Spoiler: no.

From Allen B West:

The New York Times editorial board on Tuesday called for the Clintons to scale back the activities of the Clinton Foundation — starting now.

Citing recent reports about possible overlap between foundation and State Department business, the board urged an immediate end to foreign and corporate donations — which are a large portion of the foundation’s funding — and said Bill and Chelsea Clinton should resign from it if Hillary Clinton is elected president.

Among those foreign donations are from nations such as Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates, Oman, and Qatar.

 “The new emails underscore that this effort [to keep foundation business separate from the State Department] was at best partly successful,” the Times editorial board wrote. “‘Pay-to-play’ charges by Donald Trump have not been proved. But the emails and previous reporting suggest Mr. Trump has reason to say that while Mrs. Clinton was secretary, it was hard to tell where the foundation ended and the State Department began.”

Obviously the Clinton Foundation has been PR nightmare. How can the liberal media continue to shill for Hillary, when she maintains an organization linked to bribery, collusion, and gross conflicts of interest?

They think if it is shut down, that will fix everything. But that will only stem the bleeding. All the damage has been done; Clinton has been bought and sold by foreign interests. Even if they close the Clinton Foundation today, she is still on the hook for millions of dollars from hostile countries.

Do you think closing the Foundation will change that?

This is a last pathetic gasp of a dying liberal media machine that has lost all credibility. They’re in “save our asses” mode now. Newspapers, websites, and cable channels have been championing Hillary for years and are now looking like idiots. They want to protect whatever audience they still have.

But it won’t change the public’s perception of Hillary. Nor will it change our perception of these biased and unprofessional news outlets.

Don’t be surprised if in the coming days we hear of the closing of the Clinton Foundation. Don’t be surprised when all the liberal outlets celebrate it as a victory for Hillary (and for themselves).

But remember: the rats had already fled the sinking ship. They’re still out there, perverting American values and freedoms. The liberal media will continue to lie and try to invalidate the will of the voter.

The closing of the Clinton Foundation will do nothing to help.

Source: Allen B West

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