New York Times Tried To Slander Trump…His Response Is EPIC [WATCH]

The New York Times has long been a bastion of leftist propaganda and a target of critical conservatives.

They lived up that reputation over the weekend with a disgusting hit piece on Donald Trump’s past relationships with women.

Apparently the story wasn’t only biased, but downright false. Now the woman at the center of the article has spoken up and she is slamming the NYT.

HotAir has more…

A woman featured in the New York Times expose on Donald Trump’s past experiences with women says the “Old Gray Lady” is full of bunk.

Appearing on Fox News Monday morning, former model Rowanne Brewer Lane spoke out against the Times article that the media set their news cycles on all weekend long.

Donald Trump and HotAir seem to share her opinion of the Times red journalism…

The fact that this account is the beginning scenario, setting the table for the Times’ article, makes Brewer Lane’s dismissal of the journalistic integrity of the article even more profound.

For his part, Trump took to Twitter to denounce the article as “lame” and a “hit piece.”

Source: HotAir

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