New York Times Just Got Busted By The PATRIOTS – For Fake Trump News!

It’s shocking to see what lengths the mainstream media will go to discredit our president.

All throughout the election, they were working to help elect Hillary Clinton. Meanwhile they tried to dig up as much dirt as they could to slander Donald Trump, in the hopes that the American public would be stupid enough to believe them.

Thankfully the media has less influence than they anticipated and every attack on Trump made him more popular with voters.

Despite this hard-learned lesson, the media still tries to undermine the President of United States. The idea that they are objective and unbiased is a complete joke. They actively look for ways to insult our leader, either by distorting facts, spreading fake news, or even outright lying.

This has been true since day one of his administration.

The good news is their frequent attempts at hurting Trump only fall back on them, as the media continues to embarrass themselves with their faulty and unprofessional reporting.

This one is too juicy not to mention.

From Daily Wire:

After the fight over Inauguration Day crowd-sizes, where the New York Times (along with much of the media) was caught using a photo that did not come close to revealing Trump’s true turnout (see #6), the Times was probably looking for a little redemption and payback with a brand new troll Wednesday, this one involving the number of Super Bowl champions from the New England Patriots who showed up at the White House Wednesday.

“Patriots’ turnout for President Obama in 2015 vs. Patriots’ turnout for President Trump today,” the Times snarked over Twitter.

Attached was a photo that showed a huge crowd of Patriots around Precious Barry and a much smaller crowd around poor, unpopular Trump:

Before we get to the good part, we need to stop and consider how inappropriate this tweet is. “NY Times Sports” is supposed to be reporting on actual sports news. Yet they go out of their way to insult Trump by suggesting that the Patriots sent less people to see him. Biased much?

But of course, the NY Times was lying yet again. And even the Patriots had to clarify.

“These photos lack context,” the Patriots tweeted, “Facts: In 2015, over 40 football staff were on the stairs. In 2017, they were seated on the South Lawn.”

The chagrined  New York Times was then forced to disguise a correction as an update:

Simply pathetic. Even sports reporting has to be marred by the unprofessional, virtually dishonest and corrupt mainstream media. Is it any wonder why we call them fake news? A story about the Super Bowl champs is dragged in the mud, just so they can take a shot at the President.

Isn’t about time we stop supporting or even paying attention to such rags as the New York Times? Isn’t it about time hack outlets like that pack it in?

Source: Daily Wire

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