Obama Aide To Clinton – ‘Your Health Is A Symptom…But Your REAL Problem Is…’

The Daily Mail online is one the most widely read newspapers in the world, so when they report on a story, it immediately makes it into the international mainstream. That means their in-depth overview of Hillary Clinton’s long standing health problems will spread this information even more widely.

Taking Hillary’s disastrous appearance at Sunday’s 9/11 memorial as a starting point, the paper’s deputy U.S. political editor lists all Hillary’s known medical issues — “known” being the operative word. Just think about what the Democrats and the media haven’t told us. So much for “transparency…”

In a helpful graphic that is sure to go viral, the Daily Mail illustrates these issues with a photo of Clinton on her campaign plane, arrows pointing to her right elbow (denoting a fracture) and her head (indicating her famous concussion.)

The Daily Mail reports on one particularly damning comment being made by an unlikely insider:

‘Antibiotics can take care of pneumonia. What’s the cure for an unhealthy penchant for privacy that repeatedly creates unnecessary problems?’ asked President Obama’s former message guru David Axelrod in a tweet Monday – a message promptly retweeted by Trump’s campaign manager Kellyanne Conway.

When laid out in this fashion, Hillary’s recurrent blood clots are particularly concerning.

Combined with her concussion — and again, these are merely the problems we’ve been deemed worthy to learn about — it’s hard not to read this detailed report and not wonder what the Democrats were thinking when they nominated Hillary. Other than it was “her turn.”

Source: Daily Mail

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