Obama Launches RUTHLESS Assault On Trump…His ‘Deep State’ Ties EXPOSED!

Have you noticed that the left (and even some on the so-called “right,” like Bill Kristol) have discovered a new phrase? Ever since Michael Flynn’s resignation, they’ve been talking about the “deep state” — that is, the network of intelligence agencies who supposedly really run the country no matter who happens to occupy the White House.

Liberals who used to hate the CIA and the FBI seem to have developed a strange new respect for this “deep state,” as long as it is attacking Donald Trump — which seems to be the case with the suspicious “scandal” surrounding Flynn’s departure.

However, the left isn’t satisfied with that level of “government” alone.

They are also developing a sort of parallel opposition government to try to undermine Trump’s agenda:

The new organization called “Organizing for Action” (OFA) (…) is said to have 250 offices established across the U.S. with 30,000 Professional Agitators ready to disperse and protest, riot and disrupt any current Trump administration activities.

OFA is funded by George Soros with designs on America becoming a socialist state without borders. (…)

Obama being a puppet of Soros is an integral part of this global government plan.

Indeed, as this video shows, Obama spoke at the OFA Action August Summit:

So on the one hand, we have Soros, Obama, and other Democrats with deep pockets, along with tens of thousands of protesters, professional and otherwise.

And of course, the useful idiots in the entertainment industry and the mainstream media.

And on the other hand, we have Donald Trump and his millions of staunch supporters.

Winning the White House was a battle, and while the good guys won, we now have to accept that the war is a long way from being over.

Source: Yes I’m Right

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