Obama Attacked Black Trump Voters…Until 1 Vet DESTROYS Him With FACTS! [WATCH]

We talked about how Obama is trying to manipulate black voters by saying he would be personally insulted if they do not vote for Hillary Clinton in the upcoming presidential election.

I could spend days explaining the hypocrisy of his stance. Does Obama think that we’ve forgotten his rhetoric from 2008, when he so succinctly exposed Hillary for the fraud she is? His strong stance against her is what won him the nomination, and then the election.

Does he really think African Americans are that stupid, or are so easily pushed around by bullies? Does he think that black Americans cannot think for themselves, that they can or will only vote for the democratic ticket, because he’s a democrat (or was, depending on his future career)?

Apparently that’s what the president believes. But the reality is much different. Black Americans are free to think for themselves. And many of them acknowledge that, although Obama was in support of them, Hillary Clinton is not.

From The Political Insider:

With recent polls showing Trump’s poll numbers among blacks to be at 20% – historic levels for a Republican candidate – Obama is turning up the heat on racial rhetoric with 50 days left in the presidential race.

Watch (below) as A.D. Bell, a veteran of the U.S. Army, fires back at Obama. He supports Trump and is proudly voting against Hillary Clinton in November.

Bell has some choice words for our out-going president and his crony, Clinton. He openly wears his “Make American Great Again” cap and talk about the issues facing his hometown of Chicago. He calls his critics “clowns” and criticizes Obama for neglecting Chicago for so many years, meanwhile the city has plunged into terrible death and crime rates.

He is not the first black American coming out in support of Trump and conservative values. We’ve talked at length recently about regular Americans, as well as influential black leaders, calling out the hypocrisy of the Democrat Party.

The fact that Trump’s numbers among African Americans is rising in historical records, shows how much the country is changing.

The democrats have failed Americans on every level. They only wish to maintain the status quo, a status quo that has let down our nation and citizens.

Source: The Political Insider

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