SHOCK: Obama BETRAYAL Exposed…Selling KEY American Freedom To Highest Bidder!

Obama continues to be a tireless advocate.  For everyone except the average American, that is.

He has diminished the liberty of the people, expanding the role of government to encompass our health, our energy, and in so many other ways.  Now he is planning to give away—or, more likely, sell off at some undisclosed personal price—a key freedom that we enjoy, at least for another month or two.

Most internet users have never heard of IANA, the authority that helps make the Web the Web by—to put it simplistically—turning numbers into readable words.

Only now are many Americans learning about a move by (who else?) the Obama administration to cede control of this power over to ICANN, a body whose members include China and Russia.

The Washington Examiner reports:

“The proposal will significantly increase the power of foreign governments over the Internet, expand ICANN’s historical core mission by creating a gateway to content regulation, and embolden [its] leadership to act without any real accountability,” [Senator Ted] Cruz wrote in a letter sent to Commerce and signed by two fellow Republicans, Sen. James Lankford of Oklahoma and Sen. Mike Lee of Utah.

“We have uncovered that ICANN’s Beijing office is actually located within the same building as the Cyberspace Administration of China, which is the central agency within the Chinese government’s censorship regime,” they wrote, noting that some of the American companies involved with the transition process have already “shown a willingness to acquiesce” to Chinese demands to aid with censorship.

Obama’s Department of Commerce is in a big hurry to get this done within the next two months. A coalition including numerous conservative think tanks is challenging this transfer, which may actually be illegal.  It puts our freedom of speech and ability to communicate openly in the hands of our enemies.  What

If he succeeds, just imagine the reward Barack Obama will get from his globalist friends. He and Michelle may have to look for another new home, one that’s an easy commute to his new job at UN headquarters.

Credit: Washington Examiner

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