Obama BETRAYS Our Military AGAIN! This is DISGUSTING…PROVES He Hates Our Vets

The word “Vietnam” conjures up many images and feelings for Americans.

Many think of “a war that America lost,” of action movies set in jungles and rice paddies, and a black granite monument in Washington, D.C.

For others, the Vietnam War didn’t just happen on film. They were there, fighting to prevent that nation from falling to communism.

And for President Obama, apparently, it’s just another country on his “bucket list” of photo ops with communist leaders, while he continues to “burnish his legacy” by making friends with America’s enemies.

Writing at his own website, veteran, author and former Senator Allan West had a lot to say about Obama’s recent trip to Vietnam, to announce the cessation of a Reagan-era arms embargo:

The last American president to visit Vietnam was draft dodger, Bill Clinton, but my concern is once again it appears that having an exhibit in the Obama presidential library trumps all. I don’t think we should be giving away the kitchen sink and without ensuring the dishes are clean.

Why not demand these communist countries, with whom we are “normalizing” relations, improve their human rights record. Unless, we are, as Raul Castro dictated to Obama, guilty of worse violations — after all Obama just stood there and allowed Castro to rant about the United States. Hmm, perhaps Obama could have brought attention to the fact that Cubans are showing up on our shores, not the reverse. And another point of order to President Obama — did we demand full disclosure and support to recovery for all POW/MIA issued from the Vietnam War? (…)

Obama and Quang earlier attended a signing ceremony touting a series of new commercial deals between U.S. and Vietnamese companies valued at more than $16 billion. The deals included U.S. engine manufacturer Pratt & Whitney’s plans to sell 135 advanced engines to Vietnamese air carrier Vietjet, and Boeing’s plans to sell 100 aircraft to the airline.”

Clearly Boeing has a great marketing executive and sales representative in Barack Obama – particularly in Iran and Vietnam. I don’t have any issue with the free market, but I do not agree with crony capitalism where government uses its influence and power for a specific corporation. American jobs, sure, but there are many folks who could use our economic support and a trade agreement.

Now, I do have to ask, why hasn’t Obama visited Ukraine, Lithuania, Estonia, or Latvia, along with Moldova and Poland regarding stemming the threat of Russia?

Just looking for some balance here folks. I’m just not ready to declare Vietnam as our friends.

Credit: AllenBWest.com

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