Obama Commits ‘Treason’: Allen West Takes Obama to Woodshed In Blistering Op-Ed

Recently Obama and his supporters celebrated the releasing of several Iranian prisoners, men who have been convicted of criminal activity. According to NPR, these men will be pardoned or win shortened sentences as part of a swap for Americans illegally detained by Iran.

But it gets even worse, the President announced he is lifting the economic sanctions on Iran. You will remember those sanctions were put into place as punishment for their nuclear program; they were only thing preventing them from attacking the rest of the world.

From the Washington Times:

“Completing a major diplomatic effort over the objections of many in Congress, President Obama lifted economic sanctions against Iran Saturday after the U.N. atomic watchdog agency determined that Tehran has complied with the deal to curb its nuclear program in exchange for sanctions relief. In a statement, Secretary of State John F. Kerry said the sanctions termination provisions of Iran’s landmark nuclear agreement are now in effect.”

Many have already come out to criticize this move, especially those skeptical over what this watchdog agency had found. But few had as much to say as former U.S. Representative Allen West. In a recent article posted to his website, West blasts the President for his hypocritical and un-American tactics.

“So, that’s it and the liberal progressives crow, yippee, our diplomacy works — see, we told you. Well, hate to tell you chucklehead wussies: that’s exactly what folks said about Neville Chamberlain’s “peace for our time” assertion.”

The retired lieutenant colonel went on to embarrass Obama by comparing the stringent steps West had to take to get his Texas License to Carry a firearm, to the lax standards for Iran.

“And for all you liberal leftists, let me explain the requirements I had to fulfill today. If only the Iranians had to go through as much to earn Obama’s trust.

At The Compound at Rockwall, I underwent five hours and 15 mins of classroom instruction on these topics:

Laws that relate to weapons/use of force
Safe storage
Non-violent dispute resolution
Handgun use and safety”

West makes it abundantly clear that for law-abiding citizens to exercise their Constitutional right to bear arms, they have to jump though more hoops than a circus performer. This, while Obama drops any trace of accountability for a country known to be hostile to the U.S., Israel, and our other allies.

The entire article by West is an eye-opening read. When we compare Obama’s attitude towards Americans, versus dangerous terrorists, all that talk about “change” from 2008 starts to sound very bad indeed.

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