LAWLESS Obama Doubles Down On DESTROYING America…Puts Every One Of Us In Danger!

Being the President of the United States comes with great responsibility.

Probably the most responsibility of any office in the world, the president sets the agenda for the country. He can veto laws and motivate Congress. Often the president appoints Supreme Court Justices who serve for life.

One of the most important powers a president has is to affect the sentences of those in prison. He can pardon men on death row, or commute the sentences of inmates. This is not something that should be done lightly, as convicted criminals must repay society for the wrongs they’ve done. No president should give out pardons like they’re Halloween candy.

But we’re talking about Obama, here, so let the candy corn fly!

From Western Journalism:

In the largest single-day action of its kind since at least 1900, President Barack Obama on Wednesday commuted the sentences of 214 federal inmates, including 67 inmates who were serving life sentences. That brings Obama’s total for the year to 375 inmates whose sentences he has commuted.

During his entire presidency, Obama has commuted the sentences of 562 inmates. That total surpasses the combined total number of sentences commuted by the nine presidents who preceded him. Most of the offenders were in federal prisons for nonviolent drug crimes.

This comes as no surprise. The man famous for being a “community organizer” is using his power as president to help out thugs and criminals. As the most liberal president to date, he is subverting the will of the justice system, no doubt as some kind of social justice statement.

He has a history of criticizing cops and our law enforcement system, in favor of the crooks and killers. He and other liberal activists claim the system is rigged against minorities in the inner city, ignoring the fact that regardless, they broke the law.

This is yet again another stab at our way of life. “Nonviolent drugs crimes,” means most of these inmates were drug dealers. While they may not have shot or killed anyone, they were responsible for flooding our streets with drugs and turning young kids into addicts.

Should men like this be pardoned?

Yet Obama doesn’t care. When he leaves office he will no doubt get a comfy job from his socialist buddies in Europe, or retire to Hawaii, far removed from the places to which these convicts will return. This is how liberal politicians behave. They riddle our society with crime, deprive Americans from being able to protect themselves, and retreat to their guarded homes to watch the chaos unfold.

The rest of us are punished in the process.

Source: Western Journalism

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