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Obama Delivers DISHONEST Speech…Newt Gingrich DESTROYS Him IN BRILLIANT Take-Down! [WATCH]
By PJ Editor|July 28, 2016

President Obama took to the podium last night and tried to undo everything he has done to this country for the last eight years.

He spoke about bringing us together after spending his entire presidency dividing us. The media may have slurped it up with a spoon, but Newt Gingrich was having none of it.

But as Yes, I’m Right reports…

Thankfully, Newt Gingrich appears on Hannity and proceeds to school the hell out of Obama on LIVE TV directly after his speech. At first Newt calls the speech very well done, before laying into it for the utter garbage it really is.

Watch this and share it with every American who actually cares about the future of the country:


Source: Yes I’m Right

PJ Editor
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