Obama EXPOSED: Decorated SEAL Risks Career To Tell The Truth About Barack’s Treasonous Actions

We’ve known for a long time that Obama has little respect for our troops.

Despite the fact that they put their lives on the line daily to protect him and the rest of the country, Obama has cut funding, shown little support for veterans, and criticized the efforts of our military in the Middle East.

It’s bad enough he apologizes to Muslim groups every time terrorists attack us or the world. But now we have evidence that he favors Islamic terrorists over his own American soldiers.

The Washington Times interviewed Navy SEAL Carl Higbie. Higbie divulged what Obama did after his team captured al-Qaeda organizer Ahmed Hashim Abd al-Isawi:

Shortly after al-Isawi’s capture, Mr. Higbie’s team were accused of abusing the al-Qaeda member before handing him over to U.S. officials. He claimed the charges were “part of a politically-charged movement to get out of Iraq,” spearheaded by the Obama administration.

“That is where we went wrong,” he added.

The entire episode was infused “with this feeling … that [al-Isawi] was more important” than the SEAL team members who captured him, Mr. Higbie said Tuesday.

The “politically correct aura” within his unit’s leadership led to three members of the team requesting an official court-martial on the abuse charges, forgoing the non-judicial procedures initially proposed by the unit’s commanders, Mr. Higbie said.

In the end, the three team members were found not guilty.

“The fact is we did nothing wrong,” Mr. Higbie said.

Obama’s political motivations to get out of Iraq were so strong, he was willing to attack his own men and defend a terrorist.

These charges were completely fabricated, part of scheme to discredit our soldiers in an attempt to further Obama’s plans to end conflict in Iraq.

It’s fair to ask which side Obama is on. He made ending the war in Iraq a major branch of his 2008 campaign. It’s one of the things that helped sweep him into office, as public opinion at the time was in support of getting out of the Middle East (this was before the monster that is ISIS was born). But his tactics since have shown he doesn’t mind supporting and defending criminals and murderers, if it means achieving his political goals.

And some want four more years of this through Hillary?

We need a President who will support our soldiers and eradicate terrorists.  Period.

Source: Washington Times

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