Shock Report: Obama May Extend Hillary A Pardon…But She Might REJECT It!

“Lock her up!” It was the most popular chant at every Donald Trump rally, and the president elect’s supporters continued to shout it out during his “thank you tour” appearances across America.

Trump appears to have softened his stance on prosecuting Hillary Clinton for her use of an illegal email server and other crimes, however. This has disappointed many die hard fans but others feel that Trump is trying to move on and behave in a more measured “presidential” way.

Meanwhile Barack Obama is rushing to check off items on his “to do” list before leaving the White House. Traditionally an outgoing President pardons numerous criminals, leaving some to speculate about a possible pardon to end all presidential pardons.

David Weisberg of The Hill writes:

Will Obama pardon Clinton? And if he does, will she accept? (…)

Because acceptance of a pardon amounts to a confession of guilt, the acceptance by Clinton would, to a degree, besmirch both Clinton and also Obama. After all, Clinton was Obama’s secretary of State. If she was committing illegal acts as secretary, it happened literally on his watch.

On the other hand, if the new administration were to prosecute and convict Clinton of crimes committed while she was secretary, that might be an even greater embarrassment for Obama post-presidency.

After weighing the pros and cons for all those involved, Weisberg, “a semi-retired attorney and a member of the New York state bar,” says that indeed, Obama will pardon Hillary Clinton as one of his final official acts.

If that happens, then Bill Clinton will have been almost impeached, and then disbarred, and his wife Hillary will have been pardoned (which means that she was guilty of a suit of major crimes.) Yet don’t doubt for a moment that both of them will still be looked upon as heroes by Democrats, and praised as noble patriotic Americans by liberals everywhere, while Trump will forever be decried as the true villain.

Source: The Hill

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