After Obama’s Failures, Trump Obliterates ISIS—Look What They Just Lost

When Donald Trump promised to wipe out ISIS, he meant it.

During the campaign he was very closed-lipped about his strategy. It was a wise choice; why let the enemy know what you have planned?

After the election he clearly put that plan into action, commanding the Pentagon to prioritize destroying the terrorist network. And as it turns out, it’s worked bigly.

From Daily Wire:

Here’s Great Trump, and on an issue of vital significance to not only Americans but freedom-loving people around the world: in the first six months of the Trump administration, the amount of territory seized from the terrorist group Islamic State has soared.

As Brett McGurk, the State Department’s senior envoy to the anti-Islamic State coalition, who also served in that position under Barack Obama, stated, roughly one-third of territory reclaimed from the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria since 2015 has been taken since Donald Trump assumed the presidency…

McGurk pointed to Trump’s delegation of decision-making authority to military commanders, as well as a “campaign of annihilation” that has concentrated on surrounding cities held by Islamic state before launching offensives…

In the most recent news, Iraqi News reports that Abu Wahab al-Iraqi, an IS emir, and five other members of the group were killed as an air raid targeted a rest house; on Saturday, an airstrike by warplanes from the United States-led coalition killed 15 Islamic State members in Kirkuk.

The huge gains against ISIS have been largely thanks to Trump’s specific leadership. Mattis has attributed much of the success to Trump’s decision to delegate authority to military commanders and implementing a new plan of assault aimed at not driving out ISIS, but killing them.

And it’s clearly working.

President Trump isn’t a military strategist. He’s just a smart leader who has great people working for him. Yet we are seeing his decisions working in the fight against ISIS.

Almost makes you wonder what the hell the last guy was doing.

In either case, this is yet another example of promises made and promises kept.

Source: Daily Wire

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