WHOA! King Obama Just Issued A New Bathroom Decree…SHOCKED Parents Are FURIOUS!

When we say Obama is bad for America, we aren’t just talking about politics.

His intentions for this nation are destructive to our values and way of life. And for our personal safety. What his policies will and have accomplished are bad, not just for American freedoms, but just for common decency.

Few countries would put up with the stupidity we’ve have over the last eight years. Obama has pushed for more gun reform and has been soft on terrorism, while increasing the amount of illegals that endanger our cities and towns. It’s as if he wants America to become a smoking pile of rubble, instead of the land of the free and home of the brave.

And he’s not giving up with his ill-conceived, grossly liberal transgender agenda. Despite the fact that there is a shockingly few Americans that identify as “trans” he is pushing for some of the most dangerous, stupid reforms any nation has ever seen.

From Conservative Tribune:

If you’re taking your children to one of America’s many national parks this summer, guess what — Obama’s latest bathroom decree could have your little girl sharing bathrooms with a 45-year-old man.

In yet another stunning social engineering move that has to be heard to be believed, the Department of the Interior has eliminated single-sex bathrooms at all national parks, according to The Daily Signal.

“As it relates to recently passed state laws relating to the transgender community, visitors to public lands and water sites are welcome to use restrooms that best align with their gender identity,” a spokesman for the Department of the Interior said in an email.

There you go. Obama cares more about perverted men who dress as woman than the millions of families and children. The progressive left’s agenda is so convoluted, so destructive, it’s shocking that anyone puts up with it. Yet because we elected an idiot to the White House, we have to hear about these kinds of issues.

I don’t think I’m exaggerating when I call Obama an idiot. Yes, that sounds unprofessional, but what else can you say when he pushes for reforms that let grown men use the same toilets as little girls? Is he enforcing pedophilia? Does he really care more about trannies than American children?

I’m sorry to say but you should think twice before taking your kids to a park this summer. You have the president to thank.

Source: Conservative Tribune

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