WOW: What Obama Just Said PROVES Hillary Is Falling Apart…This Is HUMILIATING! [WATCH]

As usual, President Obama made it all about himself, even when he was ostensibly supposed to be campaigning for Hillary Clinton.

Naturally, he didn’t mention that the only reason he was stumping for her in Philadelphia was because her ongoing medical issues had forced her to take a brief break.

Obama said to the crowd:

”Can I just say I am really into electing Hillary Clinton? This is not me just going through the motions here. I really, really, really want to elect Hillary Clinton.”

Except the man often called on of the greatest orators of our age (for some reason) sounded less than sincere. The more he explained why Hillary deserved to be elected president, the less convincing he seemed:

“You want to debate who’s more fit to be president? One candidate has traveled to more countries than any other secretary of state has. Has more qualifications than any candidate in history. And the other who isn’t fit in any way shape or form to represent this country abroad or to be its commander in chief.”

If “travelling to countries” alone is a legitimate “qualification,” then why not vote for an airline hostess or particularly popular rock star? Hillary’s other “qualifications” remained unstated, and the idea that she is more qualified, on paper, than, say, Theodore Roosevelt or Herbert Hoover, beggars belief. (Although compared to Obama himself…)

Likewise, Obama’s generalization about Trump being unfit for office lacked punch.

According to CNN Politics, the big crowd was enthusiastic. Presumably it would have been much smaller had Hillary herself been there. Her audiences are no match for Obama’s, or Trump’s. But Hillary wasn’t there — and that was the biggest “take away” of all.

Really, really, really.  Watch it below:

Credit: CNN Politics

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