Obama, Merkel Double-Team Trump In Germany…Until Donald DESTROYS Them With 3 Words!

Even though Obama is out of office, we are still dealing with his bitter stupidity.

Unwilling to give up the spotlight, he is appearing at events. He is speaking to other nations, hoping the failed ideas that ruined America will still take root in Europe.

Despite the disaster the migrant crisis has been, Obama and his liberal buddies like Merkel still think their plan will work.

He even took shots against President Trump, who is working tirelessly to protect America from terrorism.

But Trump’s no coward. And he had his own plans for Obama and Merkel.

From Mad World News:

As Obama gave his speech in Germany, he talked about “borders” in veiled terms because he is a wimp who can’t directly confront Trump…

Merkel is up for re-election, so she nodded and smiled with affection as Obama delivered his first speech since leaving office.

Germans are sick and tired of Merkel’s pro-Muslim migrant policies that have caused mayhem and bloodshed, and Merkel hopes Obama can help her get re-elected…

President Donald Trump was well aware of the shenanigans by Barack Obama and Frau Merkel.

That’s why just hours after Obama made those comments about the wall, Trump delivered a nasty surprise that put Obama and Merkel in their place.

While speaking in front of NATO, the president was dedicating a piece of the Twin Towers to be side by side with a piece of the Berlin Wall. At the podium, he turned his head and stared directly at Merkel for a good 20-30 seconds, which was a message in itself, then he said, “Today is a day for both remembrance and resolve” and that the attack demonstrates “the depths of the evil we face with terrorism.”

More and more Germans are sick of Merkel’s terrible leadership. It remains to be seen if she has enough support to be elected. She is under the delusion that Barack Obama can do anything to help.

Remember, he campaigned for another woman recently. How did that turn out?

Even though he was speaking to Germans, Obama still had to attack Trump. Why should we believe anything Obama says now? Terrorists are running free in our countries, thanks to his and Merkel’s policies. Does anything he says hold water?

President Trump made it clear that he would not be intimidated by Obama or Merkel. His cold stare at her during his remarks reminds her that she has to deal with him now.

Obama’s got no power. If she wants to deal fairly with the U.S., she better start respecting the Trump administration.

If not, well she might not be in office for much longer anyway.

Source: Mad World News

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