REVEALED: Obama Released Them From Gitmo…Now We Know The Price Americans Have Paid!

One of President Obama’s biggest promises during his 2008 election was to close Guantanamo Bay.

The detention center, a place primarily used to hold Islamic terrorists, had been under fire during that time for some suspect behavior on the part of soldiers stationed there. It was such a heated issue, Obama stressed it in his campaign speeches. He guaranteed he would close it.

Surprising, surprise, Gitmo is still open.

It’s been eight years and Obama’s failed to find an adequate holding facility to replace it. Yet that hasn’t stopped him from shipping many of its detainees to foreign countries and flat out releasing them.

While we question the sanity of releasing convicted terrorists into the wild, with no punishment or monitoring, we keep getting reports that they have returned to their old ways. Terrorists captured by our military, held in Gitmo, and released by Obama, have returned to killing Americans.

It almost makes you think Obama wanted this to happen all along.

From The Political Insider:

In March, a senior Pentagon official made a startling admission to lawmakers when he acknowledged that former Guantanamo inmates were responsible for the deaths of Americans overseas.

The official, Paul Lewis, who oversees Guantanamo issues at the Defense Department, provided no details, and the Obama administration has since declined to elaborate publicly on his statement because the intelligence behind it is classified.

Of course Obama doesn’t want the report to be released, he’d be humiliated.

The fact that any number of released terrorists returned to killing Americans is unacceptable. The numbers floating around right now are 12 former Gitmo detainees are responsible for the deaths of at least 6 Americans! One of those lives was a civilian, a female aid worker.

It’s shocking to think that our government simply released these people, free and clear. What kind of message are we sending to groups like ISIS when we don’t properly bring terrorists to justice?

Perhaps we will soon have a president who will handle the issue much differently.

Source: The Political Insider

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