BOMBSHELL: Obama Reveals Hillary’s SECRET Plan To “Fix” Obamacare! It’s Called…

Only time will tell how much damage Obama’s administration has done to our country. His poor leadership, lack of judgment, and radical social policies have made our nation weak and more dangerous than ever.

We are a laughingstock overseas. Terrorists and illegal immigrants run free in our borders. Our economy is limping along. And worst of all, racial tensions are at all time highs.

The biggest mistake of Obama’s time in office is arguably his ironically named “Affordable Healthcare Act.” Obamacare has officially become a failure, with rates skyrocketing and top insurance providers pulling out daily.

Could anything be worse? Yes: his plan to replace it.

From The Federalist Papers:

So now that the obvious has come true, Barack Obama is floating an idea to save the entire system: Go full-steam into true socialized medicine, complete with the dreaded “public option.”

In an article for The Washington Post,  Dr. Ezekiel Emanuel, a former Obamacare top official, said he had a fix for the problems. He offered a five-prong solution, but one in particular stands out: A public option…

A “public option” is essentially a “government-sponsored and government-run insurance plan, probably modeled on the traditional Medicare program, which would be offered to customers on the exchanges as an alternative to the private-insurance plans,” according to the American Enterprise Institute.

So basically Obama and his buddies’ solution for their failed, government-managed health program is to create a completely government-controlled health plan.

Do you see why we say liberals have no brains?

The plan they created under Obamacare failed, because of nonsensical government oversight and control. So their solution is to create a plan completely managed by the government.

We’ve seen time and again how government wealthfare programs cause nothing but disaster for our country. They create massive debt, enfeeble Americans who should be working, and give the federal government far too much power over our daily lives.

But that’s what liberals want. They don’t believe in personal liberties or the right for American citizens to lead their own lives. They want a socialist society—modeled on failed European nations—where all of us are beholden to a bloated, overpowered, federal system.

Healthcare is just one step in the battle. A public option would create significant problems in our already troubled health system. Imagine if you had to wait on the federal government to get approval for needed surgery? Or you couldn’t get the medication you needed because a board of bureaucrats deemed it too costly?

The silver lining is that Obama doesn’t have enough time in office to make that happen. But we have an even more reckless and radical Democrat running. Would Hillary put forward a dangerous public option to “fix” Obamacare?

If it got her votes, you know she would.

Source: The Federalist Papers

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