WOW! Coward Obama Attacks Trump In The Most Inappropriate Place Imaginable [DISGUSTING!]

It seems like the Democrats are losing steam.

As the writing is becoming ever more clear on the wall, outgoing politicians are desperate to throw one last bomb into our system. As their time in the sun wanes, they look ever-shrinking platforms to spew their toxic rhetoric, in the hopes that the next batch of leaders will be hamstrung by their powerless words.

It’s sad to think how once respected leaders have stooped so low.

We talked about how the outgoing Secretary of State, John Kerry, co-opted a college graduation in an attempt to derail this year’s election. Instead of imparting wisdom to the future of our country, leaving them with nuggets they could take with them for the rest of their lives, he blasted their achievement by attacking the position of candidates he was too cowardly to name. Big man.

Now it looks yet another failed Democrat is following in Kerry’s steps, one with enough experience to know better.

From Clash Daily:

President Obama used his commencement speech at Rutgers University to tear into Donald Trump’s trade agenda, his Muslim ban, and his planned wall on the U.S.-Mexico border.

As he did at an address at Howard University earlier this spring, the president went straight after Trump’s most controversial policies… ‘The world is more interconnected than ever before. And it’s becoming more connected every day. Building walls won’t change that,’ Obama said.

It’s sad that a once respected and influential president like Obama has been reduced to ruining a college graduation by pushing this tired party line.

The Democrats are oh-so scared of Trump, they have to rain one of the biggest days of a student’s life to attack him. It’s like going to a child’s birthday party and throwing the birthday cake on the ground. Why, Obama? Why?

Notice it’s the same nonsensical rant Kerry made at Northeastern University. Did Hillary fax all her cronies the same memo? They both claimed a wall won’t work because we live in a modern world.

Apparently because we have iPhones the basic laws of physics no longer apply. This coming from the President who just ordered a taller fence around the White House. He knows how effective barriers can be at protecting one’s ass. So why is he saying this?

The President refused to acknowledge Trump by name. This is telling. Want to know why?

Because, like all cowards, Obama wanted to push his political agenda, without being obvious about it. He stupidly thought that he could attack Trump’s stance on the issues, without letting everyone know he was attacked the man directly.

Uh, excuse me, when you talk about a wall and other obvious Trump policies, who else could you be talking about? Obama wanted to influence these students without sounding like a political stump speech. Sorry, Mr. President, we’re not as stupid as you think.

The good news is Obama has precious few months left to pull these kinds of tricks. Let’s hope his last few days in office will be quiet ones, from here on out.

Source: Clash Daily

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