Obama Gives SAD Statement On ISIS Priest Terror…Triggers DAMNING Response From…

The latest terror attack in Europe was particularly shocking, even as many people are becoming numb to the daily atrocities: An elderly Catholic priest in France was beheaded by ISIS terrorists during morning mass.

Americans are justifiably concerned that such things could soon be happening in their local places of worship, as they already have in nightclubs and work places in the United States. However, those hoping the Obama White House could offer some words of reassurance were disappointed, and took to social media to vent.

The Independent Journal has the story:

The venting of anger and frustration about cheap words came flying onto Twitter.

One commentator found Secretary of State Kerry’s recent comments about air conditioning being as dangerous as ISIS to be particularly biting irony:

A Republican commentator connected the dots to the White House:

The White House continued to be lit up, and was given a warning about the growing ISIS threat:


After the slaughter at the offices of the satirical magazine Charlie Hebdo, some people said the staff had “asked for it” by drawing cartoons of Mohammed. And why not? Hadn’t Hillary Clinton herself blamed the Benghazi massacre on “a video”?

Fast forward to today: Had this priest drawn similar cartoons or made a nasty video? What about the children mowed down by a terrorist driving a truck in Nice or the patrons of an Orlando nightclub? Does France need even more gun control than they already have?

At this point, it’s obvious that Obama is just riding out the last few months of his time in office and can’t be bothered coming up with another alibi for Islam terrorism.

Credit: Independent Journal

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