DISGUSTING! Obama’s Latest Attack On America Will INFURIATE You…Unless You Are An Illegal

The liberal idea that minorities need a helping hand is racist and destructive.

America grew to become what it is because everyone–white, black, native, foreigner–pitched in and did their part.

Americans worked hard to achieve their goals, whether it was to build towns, start businesses, or expand from sea to shining sea.

The notion that minorities need help from the government suggests that they are too inexperienced, uneducated, or strong enough to do it themselves.

The government invents reasons to make them think they need their help, instead of encouraging all Americans to do their best and work together. It’s a scheme to keep these groups under the thumb of the federal government, dependent on its support instead of their own.

A liberal government is scared of self-possessed, hard working Americans, regardless of their race.

When we work to support ourselves, we tend to want to protect our rights and freedoms. A government of Democrats is scared of that. It’s a threat. So they’ve convinced millions of Americans that they need government support.

Although more and more Americans are throwing of these shackles of manipulation, the government has found a new group to baby and control: refugees.

From Right Wing News:

A new set of grants are being put in place in eleven cities to help younger people obtain summer jobs and gain some experience so they can move into steady career advancement. That’s a great idea because youth unemployment is still too high in many urban areas and a summer job is a great opportunity to get your foot in the door. The only problem here is that the program in question is aimed at our new wave of refugees.

Utica is among 11 communities nationwide that will share $21 million in grants for summer jobs programs aimed at helping disadvantaged youth, the White House and U.S. Department of Labor said Monday.

Utica will receive almost $2 million to help 400 students in the city’s refugee population receive summer work experience and part-time jobs the rest of the year, White House officials said.

So Obama’s America has moved from helping Black and Hispanic populations, to helping groups of people that aren’t even suppose to be here. People without legal birth certificates, Social Security cards, driver’s licenses, or anything that connects them to this nation.

These are people who have no reason to be loyal to America, in fact their upbringing overseas might have trained them to think of the U.S. as a target to exploit.

Why does Obama feel the need to punish America?

He tries so hard to impress the rest of the world, apologizes for our values and interests. Maybe he expects a cushy job overseas once he leaves office. Maybe he really does hate America that much.

Either way, come this summer, American kids around the country are going to have a hard time finding jobs, while refugees fresh off the boat will be ably employed.

Source: Right Wing News

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