Obama Sets Sights On 2020 President—Even His Supporters Are Booing This Pick

While the Democratic Party does a stellar job of presenting a united front as they recite the DNC talking points on a daily basis, the fact remains that the party is quite disjointed behind the scenes.

The shock of the 2016 presidential election has yet to wear off on their end. As opposed to having a much-needed mea culpa moment, the party has embraced a platform of being as anti-Trump as humanly possible.

It doesn’t take a brain surgeon to realize that’s not an actual platform that will capture the imagination of the country. Nonetheless, Democratic leadership continues to persist, resist and whatnot, and it’s resulted in a ship that’s sailing along aimlessly without a captain.

That being said, former President Barack Obama has some ideas on how to get the base riled up for 2020. In fact, he even has his sights set on the next torch bearer from the Left.  

The Daily Caller passes along the name at the top of the list – and it’s not his best pal Joe Biden.

President Obama and some of his advisers have been pushing former Massachusetts Gov. Deval Patrick to run for president in 2020, it was revealed on Tuesday.

According to Politico, David Axelrod and Valerie Jarrett are two of the Obama alums urging the 61-year-old Patrick to consider a White House bid.

Jarrett, one of Obama’s closest White House advisers, told Politico that a Patrick presidential bid is what “my heart desires.”

While it’s lovely that Patrick gives Jarrett the warm and fuzzies, it takes much more than that to win the hearts and minds of an increasingly informed electorate.

Simply propping up a candidate as the ‘chosen one’ didn’t work out too swimmingly for Democrats in 2016, but members of the party remain stunningly oblivious as to why.

“He has the ability to touch people’s hearts as well as their minds,” Jarrett said recently. “I think our country is ready for that now — let alone in three years.”

“He’s kind of a natural to look at because he was a successful governor, he is an inspiring guy, and you have to ask yourself what is the country going to be looking for in their next president after this guy?” said Axelrod, who has advised Patrick in the past.

To answer Axelrod’s question, the country wants results. Under Trump’s leadership, the economy is improving, and there are more jobs out there as a result.

Patrick may have the right skin color, the right super-liberal stance, and the “inspiration,” but he’s woefully short on real results.  And even Democrats know it—they want to vote for someone they believe in who has a proven record.

A wide swath of the electorate is sick and tired of being preached at about the social justice flavor of the week. Democrats insist that their leadership will lead to kumbaya for all, but they have tremendous trouble explaining how we’re going to get there.

Trump’s straight talk approach and results-oriented mindset resonates much further than Democrats realize.

Democrats would be wise to internalize that and come with some actual plans before worrying about who the next chosen one will be.


Source: The Daily Caller

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