Brand New Low: Obama’s Latest Attack On Trump Is Pathetic…And Backfiring BIG TIME!

More and more we are seeing Obama spiraling out of control. Be it a college graduation that he opts for poisonous rhetoric, or renting out the White House for his own bank account, he is abusing his power and ruining the lives of Americans.

With his power slipping away, he’ll stop at nothing to sabotage this country for years to come. It’s clear he does not care how many terrorists kill Americans, he’s not going to lift a damn finger to help. It seems he’s only interested in using whatever influence he has left to spoil the upcoming election.

Via Conservative Tribune:

In the wake of Sunday morning’s Orlando terror attack, President Barack Obama’s job was to bring America together, to unite us. Instead, he spent his speech telling America that if Donald Trump won the presidency, the terrorists would have won.

No, it wasn’t spoken in that manner, but almost nobody could mistake Obama’s remarks for anything other than fear-mongering against a Trump presidency at one of the most tragic times in recent memory.

“If we ever abandon those values, we would not only make it a lot easier to radicalize people here and around the world, but we would have betrayed the very things we are trying to protect,” Obama said, according to Breitbart.

He took the time to criticize Republicans (read: Trump) for posing a ban on Muslim immigrants.

“Do Republican officials actually agree with this?” he asked. “Because that’s not the America we want. It doesn’t reflect our democratic ideals.”

Who’s the “we” he’s talking about? Is he talking about the 100 people gunned down in Orlando? I think they wouldn’t agree.

Is he talking about the millions of Americans worried that an Islamic terrorist will open fire any time any where? Or is the “we” he’s saying are the Muslim communities he kowtows to, the same communities preaching jihad against gays and other Americans?

Source: Conservative Tribune

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