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HERE Is How Obama Is Using Tax Money To Influence Election…Defeat Donald Trump! – BREAKING SCANDAL
By PJ Editor|June 1, 2016

We can hardly be surprised that all of those ‘social justice groups” that Obama the community organizer has funded as president are actively working to defeat Trump, but it still sticks in the craw that our tax dollars are going to these America haters to defeat the people’s candidate!

The Daily Caller has the scoop…

Left-wing groups are using taxpayers’ money to advance a “misleading” anti-Donald Trump agenda and are pushing for green card holders to naturalize in order to vote against the GOP front-runner, according to Alabama Sen. Jeff Sessions.

“Several months ago, [TheDC] wrote a great piece that pointed out funding levels that I was not aware of and I don’t think the American people are fully aware of, but it’s wrong to use taxpayers’ money to openly advocate for one candidate,” said Sessions. “Or to act like a quasi-government agency in telling people you have to register to vote so you can vote against another candidate.”

Millions of dollars in federal funding has flowed to the groups, which include outfits such as Instituto del Progresso Latino, Asian Americans Advancing Justice and The Resurrection Project. All have called for the communities they serve to vote against Trump in November.

Hopefully President Trump will be investigating these groups and Obama’s misappropriation of tax money for left-wing political advocacy!

Source: Daily Caller

PJ Editor
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