President Dumpster Fire: Obama HUMILIATES Himself…This Is A MUST SEE! [WATCH]

I wonder what blackmail Hillary is holding over Obama’s head. Why else would a man who historically despises the Clinton’s spend his waning days as president on the campaign trail? Maybe she found out a few juicy secrets about Barack while SoS. Maybe he’s just paying back what little support she showed him in 2008.

Either way it’s clear his heart is not in all those phony stump speeches.

From The Gateway Pundit:

Poor Barack… He’s got Trump on the brain.

Obama turned into a stuttering mess again today while talking about Donald Trump at his rally with Hillary Clinton.

Obama: So, if if if, you voting for the other team, it’s not because of the economy. It’s not because of the economy… I mean even, even, even, even, even the, uh, even the, uh, the, the Republicans on the other side don’t really know what the guy’s talking about.

Check out the full video below, it’s a gem.  Even the guys’ voice is failing.

Source: The Gateway Pundit

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