Obama Vacation Cost Taxpayers HOW MUCH? More Than Most People’s Life Savings…

At a time when the economy limps along and every American is scrimping and saving, the last thing on most people’s minds is going on a luxurious vacation.

Yet, that’s just what President Obama and his family do regularly. And it was at an outrageous price.

A conservative watchdog group uncovered the expenses for the Obama family’s 2014 trips through a Freedom of Information Act request. The information was not easy to obtain, as you’ll see why.

As Judicial Watch announced in a press briefing this week:

(T)he August 2014 Martha’s Vineyard and Christmas 2014 Honolulu vacations for President Barack Obama and his family cost taxpayers $1,243,057.80 for Secret Service accommodations alone.

Coupled with how much the Obamas spent on other posh luxuries — $39,575.95 at Paradise Luxury Rentals; $34,827.57 at The Kahala; $209,218.25 at Cabana Girl LLC; $4,073,464.30 in flight expenses; etc. — they in total spent $5,316,522.10 for just two vacations.

If you’re having trouble breathing, that’s understandable. The President and his family spent over 5 million dollars on vacations. And guess where the money came from? You.

This included the posh accommodations for the Secret Service, who have a reputation of acting poorly on the job. How can the President find this kind of spending acceptable, when the American people are struggling to make ends meet?

According to one survey, the average cost for a single American to vacation is $1,145. So why is Obama spending such exorbitant amounts?

Maybe he didn’t expect the American people to find out. Or maybe he doesn’t really care about the people he claims to represent.

Of course we’ll see no action from Washington over this gross misuse of taxpayer dollars. They’ll protect the President, simply because they’re doing the same thing.

The next time you save up enough to go on vacation, remember how easy the President has it.

Credit: Conservative Tribune

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