WHOA: Obamacare DOOMSDAY Clock Set! Here’s When It All Collapses…

Everyone knows Obamacare was pushed through Congress unconstitutionally.  A majority of Americans are, and always have been, against such a massive government takeover.  They could not even tell us what it was, with Nancy Pelosi famously telling the American people we had to pass it to find out what’s in it.

Americans found what’s in it, and it’s far worse than if nothing was done at all. Costs are skyrocketing, quality of care is decreasing, and it is only getting worse.

But still many have assumed that America will just have a worse off system than before.  Problem is, it might just fall apart—and soon.

The Hill Reports:

The next president could be dealing with an ObamaCare insurer meltdown in his or her very first month.

The incoming administration will take office just as the latest ObamaCare enrollment tally comes in, delivering a potentially crucial verdict about the still-shaky healthcare marketplaces.

The fourth ObamaCare signup period begins about one week before Election Day, and it will end about one week before inauguration on Jan. 20. After mounting complaints from big insurers about losing money this year, the results could serve as a kind of judgment day for ObamaCare, experts say.

While many are arguing that a course correction can be made, there are harrowing signs that the wheels are coming off:

In some corners, though, insurer complaints are seen as fresh evidence that ObamaCare marketplaces are on the brink.

In the last month, two major insurers — Aetna and Anthem — both reversed course on their plans to expand in the marketplace. Now, all five of the nation’s largest insurers say they are losing money on the exchanges.

Hillary Clinton promises to make small changes to increase affordability, ignoring the real problem, raising taxes and making the same hollow lies that Obama did.  There is only one alternative to get our healthcare system back on track, and that’s a do over.  Trump will run our health care system like a business again instead of a government subsidy.  There’s a clear choice this November, but people need to know the consequences of their vote, starting with their own health care.

Source: The Hill

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