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Alert – Obamacare Exchanges COLLAPSE…Democrats Panic, Beg Trump For Help!
By Faith Braverman|April 7, 2017

When Obamacare was passed in the dead of night with zero Republican support back in 2010, many Americans were uncertain of what this would mean for their lives.

Over the course of its disastrous rollout and implementation, it became evident time and again that this law was a huge mistake.

The website Healthcare.gov constantly crashed when it was initially launched. Obama’s, “If you like your healthcare, you can keep it” line was proven to be a lie.

Now things appear to be coming to a head as more insurance agencies realize that staying involved with the dying law will bankrupt their companies.

More and more of them are jumping ship, and in Iowa the law is hanging on by the slimmest of threads.

From The Daily Wire:

Two more insurance companies have announced that they will leave Obamacare’s failing exchanges.

On Monday, The New York Times reported that Wellmark Blue Cross and Blue Shield announced their intention to leave Iowa’s Obamacare exchange next year because they lost $90 million in three years due to most of their enrollees having “expensive medical conditions.”

Trump predicted it wouldn’t take long for the fatally flawed Obamacare to self-destruct.  Now it has, and it is only a matter of time before Democrats will be wishing the Republican had passed to save some version of it.

Soon Trump will have a blank check from the American people, even Democrats, to redesign healthcare in a way that really benefits all Americans.

Additionally, Anthem Inc. stated that they too were going to drop out of most of the Obamacare exchanges after losing $374 million last year.

The irony is that most of these insurance companies were initially on board with Obamacare, believing if all Americans were forced to buy health insurance that it would benefit their businesses.

When these insurance companies were forced themselves to take on people who have expensive preexisting conditions, they realized that insurance is all a bet.

As an individual, you’re betting you’re going to get sick, but the insurance company is betting you won’t.

There is no bet if the person is already sick. That person is just a constant financial drain. If enough of these people are enrolled in insurance companies, the system becomes unsustainable.

This is why a free market healthcare solution is the only one that makes sense. Stop forcing providers and consumers to obey arbitrary government laws and just let voluntary exchange thrive.

Source: The Daily Wire

Faith Braverman
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