Obamacare Scandal Shakes The Nation…Millions Of Taxpayers Devastated

We all know that Obamacare was a scam to begin with. President Obama forced it through, just in time to brag about it during his 2012 reelection. bid

But he and most lawmakers knew that it would implode. He’d just be out of office when it happened. Obamacare is a terrible program that has left millions of Americans with zero health insurance options.

Now we are seeing just how bad it’s getting.

From Daily Wire:

Obamacare has become an afterthought in the news after the Republican Party’s system-wide failure to repeal and replace the law (which they never really seemed interested in doing in the first place). Meanwhile, the monstrous law is continuing to collapse, highlighted by two recent pieces of bad news.

Take this Friday report from the Washington Free Beacon: the Congressional Budget Office (CBO) is expecting premiums to spike by 15% in 2018 and an additional two million people will be uninsured.

“The budget office projects that average premiums will total $3,400 for a 21-year-old, $4,800 for a 45-year-old, and $9,800 for a 64-year-old this year,” the Free Beacon reports…

It only gets worse from there. According to another report from the Free Beacon, the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services is projecting that there are going to be 63 counties in 2018 that won’t have any Obamacare insurers…

These two pieces of news show that Obamacare’s death spiral is still well under way, despite leftists’ best attempts to deny that it’s occurring. The fact is, Obamacare’s structure was doomed to fail from the get-go.

Hey, how about a repeal, Congress!?

It’s pretty shocking that republicans in Congress were too cowardly to repeal this terrible train wreck of a program. More and more people are uninsured, simply because they cannot afford the premiums.

Meanwhile the law punishes people for not getting insurance and creates massive tax burdens to uphold the subsidies.

But a repeal is nowhere in sight. In fact, swamp dwellers in D.C., including republicans, want to stabilize Obamacare. Thus, insuring higher taxes and even more problems for the American people.

It’s high time we eject the losers in Washington that refuse to listen to the American people.

Source: Daily Wire

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