EXPOSED: Obama’s Activist Judges CAUGHT Rigging The Election! Just Struck Down…

It is no secret that activist Democrat Judges have overturned voter ID laws all across the country. Those laws have been enacted usually by Republicans to prevent voting fraud by illegal immigrants, who receive government assistance at tax payer expense, and almost always vote Democratic.

Now president Obama is trying to game the system to help Democratic presidential candidate, Hillary Clinton.

Now we learn from USA Today:

Judges named by Obama to federal appellate and district courts overseeing North Carolina, Texas, Michigan and Wisconsin have in recent months voted to strike down restrictions on voting imposed by Republican legislatures. In Michigan and North Carolina, his Supreme Court nominees helped block efforts to restore the restrictions for this fall’s elections.

Using appointed radical  judges to overturn legally enacted state laws has been one of the favorite tactics of Liberal Progressive Democrats aka Socialists, Communists, Marxists and whatever term happens to be you favorite since as far back as we can remember. The fact that the Constitution never gave judges that kind of power seems to have escaped our current leadership.

Voter ID laws have been demonized by Liberals and leftists as being discriminatory against minorities for supposedly preventing them from being able to vote since it is maintained that many minorities are unable to obtain a picture ID. Never mind that it’s nearly impossible to make it through the day without using one!

According to the report in USA Today, judicial appointees by Bill Clinton and President Obama have hindered voter ID laws in North Carolina, Texas, Michigan, Wisconsin and Ohio. Those states have resisted such judicial interference and laws in Texas, North Carolina and Ohio have been able to stand.

Whether good voter ID laws will be able to prevent voter fraud is a main concern of Conservatives. To the extent that those unqualified illegal immigrants are able to cast a ballot in states without voter ID laws it could make the difference between a fair election and another one ending with deplorable results!

America needs to make certain that only those who are qualified American citizens are allowed to vote. Otherwise, we may never have another fair election!

Source: USA Today

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