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Obama has been terrible for immigration. While we can speculate as to why he wanted so many undocumented and unvetted people coming into our country, can was safely say he ignored immigration laws and tried to circumvent Congress to have his way.

He violated Constitutional process time and time again, abusing executive power or brokering hush-hush deals to let in more migrants and refugees. This, not because it was the compassionate or the right thing to do, but because he was either placating foreign interests or thought these migrants would one day vote democrat.

The immigrant crisis–which has brought about a spike in violent crimes and terrorism–is entirely Obama’s fault. Worse yet, he has not publicized these deals, as even his own supporters would balk at his illegal practices. Instead he hopes the American public will look the other way as welcomes undocumented refugees from other nations.

From Western Journalism:

The Obama administration has thrown of a wall of silence around its plan to bring about 2,500 refugees into America, some from nations on a terror watch list.

The United States has agreed to resettle 2,465 people that were rejected by Australia.

“This is a backroom deal, wheeling and dealing with another country’s refugee problem,” Don Barnett, a fellow at the Center for Immigration Studies, told Fox News. “I don’t believe for a moment it’s a one-time deal. That’s for public consumption.”

Sen. Chuck Grassley, R-Iowa, and Rep. Bob Goodlatte, R-Va., have voiced their objections in a letter to Homeland Security Secretary Jeh Johnson and Secretary of State John Kerry.

“This situation is concerning for many reasons,” the letter said. “First, your departments negotiated an international agreement regarding refugees without consulting or notifying Congress.”

“Second,” it said, “the agreement and the number of refugees to be resettled has been deemed by your departments as classified, thus the American people are left in the dark as to the rationale for this agreement.”

Once again Obama is defying Congress and the Constitution to push forward his agenda. A deal like this must be brought before Congress, so they can have their say and vote. Our government is made up of three branches; yet Obama consistently does things that only a dictator would do.

We don’t even know how many refugees will ultimately be brought over, as the actual deal has yet to be made public. Why do you think that is? Because Obama knows Congress and much of America would be upset about what he’s done–much like the $1 billion he sent to Iran.

This is how Obama’s operated since day one. He thinks he knows better than the people who elected him, so he doesn’t bother sharing with them what he has planned. He wishes he was a dictator who could do whatever he wants.

Perhaps that’s why America voted for change this election?

Source: Western Journalism

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